How can I find out how much space each file in my project takes up?


I gotta figure out which file is doing what so I can edit accordingly for my project. How do I do?


Hey there!

In the console, du -ach --exclude=.git will show you the disk usage for each file excluding your .git directory. I use du -h -d 1 to get a summary for all top-level directories, which can help figure out where the big files are, or if your .git directory is hogging all your space. You can also use the first form with a directory name to see just that directory (so something like du -ach --exclude=.git views will show you everything in the views folder).

Hope this helps!


Can I just delete the git folder? It takes up 150mb out of my 194mb. Can I just rm -rf .git?


You can. That means that you lose all history and capability to Rewind, but if that’s not a problem for you then deleting .git won’t harm your project.

However if it’s that large then you’re probably tracking changes to files that change often. If that’s the case and you don’t address that then your .git directory will just grow again and you’ll end up right where you started. To address that you’d need to put those file paths in a .gitignore file and then run git prune; git gc in the console, which should also deal with your .git folder’s disk space issues.


uhhhh. welp. I kinda already cleared it. . .Was that a bad thing? What even is rewind? Can I just disable it?


The only reason it’s problematic is for Rewind / history. Just like I said if you don’t address the root problem with the disk space the problem will just return.

Right now you can’t turn off the git repo (I mean, I guess you could script out deleting the .git folder every time your project starts or something, but there’s nothing in the user interface to manage that). We don’t have any plans to allow for that at this point.


Ok! well im requesting it now. pls add to plans?


Thanks for putting the Feature Idea topic together.

One other thing you might consider if you’re still having space issues is to see about saving the large files you’re working with in some inexpensive remote storage like Amazon’s S3 or the like.


Ok. I don’t know what that is. Can you elaborate? If you mean that database thing, can’t you only save documents to a database?


Sure, sorry. I was referring to Amazon’s S3, which is a relatively inexpensive blob storage platform where you can store files. You could also use a Dropbox or account or something else like that.

Just brainstorming ways to get your big files off of your project’s disk.


Relatively? Does that mean unfree?


Yes. Pricing information can be found at that link, or more specifically here.