How can I increase space in my project

Is there any way I can increase my project’s space? I am trying to add stuff but it keeps reconnecting.

I believe there is no way for you to increase storage.
You can however “free” it.

Make sure you have .gitignore with .git and your database file/folder (if you are using any) ignored.

For now, you can free up some space by deleting the .git folder if you don’t need it.
open the console and type rm -rf .git

Hey @bu1ld3r8, as @Min notes Glitch doesn’t currently offer increased disk space, although we may offer paid options (which may include additional disk space) sometime in the future.

I’m not convinced that the issues you’re seeing are space-related though; would you be willing to supply your project name so we can take a look?

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the name of my project is fairbuild

actualy when disc is full and you edit it will reconnect and remove the edits (i know this since it happens on some of my projects with full disc)

Hey @bu1ld3r8, that project is at the edge of out of space, and as @geoffrey1900 notes projects can have trouble when they’re nearly out of disk space.

In your case it looks like your project is using NPM instead on PNPM, which means that your project’s node modules take up space in your project instead of in shared space. Unless there’s a reason you’re using NPM, if you run enable-pnpm in the console in your project’s console that should free up most of the extra space you’re using and get your project back into a better state.

Hope this helps!