How can I make a complete app on Glitch?

Hey there!

I am new to Glitch and was wondering how can I make a chat app on Glitch?

I would like to:

  • Allow people (mainly teens) to be able to make friends.
  • Allow people to chat with each other.
  • Allow people to discover new friends in their area (using Leaflet.js).
  • Allow people to share stories and posts.

My idea is based on Instagram.

How can I make such an app without failing, and doubting myself? Is it allowed on Glitch?

Hey there,

You can easily create a basic chat application using on Glitch.
Here’s a working example of a chat application build on Glitch: Chat App.

Once you’re done with the basics of the chat application, you can proceed further:

  • Firstly, add friends, to implement this feature you’ll, of course, have to set up a user-login/authentication system, so each user has his/her own profile which can be managed. And for that, you’ll also need a database, precisely, a good database.
  • Secondly, allowing users to chat with themselves, as said earlier, refer to the example of the chat application.
    Lastly, you cannot build a social media application with focusing or prioritizing the chat component.

I’d recommend you to focus on social component first, and further move on and implement the chat component later after you’re done with the social component.

Happy Glitching!

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