How can I modify Apache2 Config files?

Ok, so I wanted to create an Apache website by cloning but I noticed that I do not have access to most apache core files. I looked up the directory to find that core files are located in /etc, which is not contained in the /app directory. I wanted to modify the Apache config but due to these restrictions I cannot find a way to do so. Is there any way of modifying these on Glitch?

Sadly, no. There is not root access for users besides, well, staff. This is due to the fact that if users had access to that type of stuff, they could do some harm to Glitch.

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Ok, let me get this clear, so what you’re telling me is that I do not have access to /etc even though it’s not located in the /root directory?

Here it shows all these files inside the /app directory

But here it shows it outside of /app.

Not to mention it’s not inside the /root directory.

App is out side of the part of the container.

Glitch supports non-Node apps less well than it supports Node apps. Please note that “poc” stands for “proof of concept” - it is not well supported, and certainly not polished. You are venturing out of the familiar and comfortable Node-on-Glitch world and it might be difficult to get LAMP-on-Glitch working for your use case, even if it is technically possible.

The Glitch user, the user you log in to the console as, and the user that the Glitch project runs as, is not root. This supports normal good practice, so that if a Glitch project works on Glitch, you can probably download and run it locally without having to give the downloaded project root permissions to your local computer.

You might be surprised that your non-root user has read permissions outside the /app directory; we do try to open it up as much as possible, so that explorers like you can see what the (fairly ordinary) configuration actually is. We can’t make the root directories writable without damaging precisely the normal good practice that we are trying to support.

You can make some changes to the Apache config in ~lamp-poc by editing .apache2/apache2.conf; I imagine you’ve already discovered that? For example, I changed the document root from /app to /app/views in ~irradiated-rosehip.

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