How can i or can i Ads?

Hi I wanna know if I can place ads on my website if yea how is that possible cuz google doesn’t allow subdomains to have ads on them

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Hey @JaZz we have no problem with community members monetizing their projects as long as it’s done in accordance with our Terms of Service and as long as it’s done transparently so that your users know what’s going on and aren’t taken by surprise by anything your project is doing.

As far as how to go about it I don’t think I can offer much useful information there, but you could certainly set up a custom domain to use an “apex” domain (one without a subdomain) for your project.

i cant manage to setup freenom’s domain help pls

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Hey @JaZz have you taken a look at our help article about custom domains? That might be helpful for you.

If not, can you get us a screenshot of your Freenom configuration and we’ll see if we can help.

I’m very late but there is a project that I know of called and you can make your own ads for your service if that intrests you.

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