How can I restore a previous version of a HTML file


Hello! First time writer. I was redesigning a website on Glitch, so I saved all the content on VSCode (it was open then), but accidentally removed it, saved, and closed. I was wondering if you could restore it to it’s previous version. (If you need to look at the file, don’t look at the cringyness).


Hi @CoderSudaWuda, welcome to the Glitch forum!

If you’re asking if we can restore your project to an earlier state then if you’ll let me know your project name I’ll check to see what backups are available.


Sorry for the late reply. The name is leonard-wang (my friend [ a teacher ] is asking to create a website which shows all of his students likes and dislikes)
Description of earlier time:
Black background
Font: Agency FB for main body
Image at top right of a boy
Title was a rainbow, Pacifico font



Here are the backups we have available for that project, along with their dates (in UTC time) and the backup size (which probably isn’t super-helpful, but can show when a project changed significantly)

0: 2019-03-17T00:08:50.000Z [0.09MB]
1: 2019-03-09T00:08:15.000Z [0.09MB]
2: 2019-03-08T06:02:02.000Z [0.08MB]
3: 2019-02-24T20:09:54.000Z [0.08MB]
4: 2019-02-12T20:55:52.000Z [0.08MB]
5: 2019-02-12T11:37:26.000Z [0.10MB]
6: 2019-01-30T00:10:09.000Z [0.10MB]
7: 2019-01-26T01:21:07.000Z [0.10MB]
8: 2019-01-18T09:41:23.000Z [0.10MB]
9: 2019-01-13T07:23:44.000Z [0.10MB]
10: 2019-01-08T17:17:02.000Z [0.10MB]
11: 2019-01-05T00:34:34.000Z [0.10MB]
12: 2019-01-04T03:51:28.000Z [0.09MB]
13: 2018-12-28T19:56:21.000Z [0.09MB]
14: 2018-12-24T20:13:00.000Z [0.09MB]
15: 2018-12-24T20:02:34.000Z [0.09MB]
16: 2018-12-21T02:57:57.000Z [0.08MB]
17: 2018-12-18T01:17:47.000Z [0.08MB]
18: 2018-12-18T00:57:23.000Z [0.11MB]
19: 2018-12-18T00:46:23.000Z [0.10MB]

Can you let us know the number you’d like to try?


Try using #6. A lot of thanks!


Hey @CoderSudaWuda, I’m going to have to get in touch with someone else on the team to look into a problem with restoring backups.

One thing I neglected to mention that might get you back to where you need to be is for you to look at the project’s Rewind, which might allow you to roll back to an earlier version of the code yourself while I work out the issues I’m seeing. The video there is a little out of date - the Rewind button is now in the lower left of the editor to the left of the Tools button.