How can I use an existing project-name for my project?

Hello there!
I’m not sure if it’s possible or not, but I have this project that I desperately want to be called “Hello there.” Resulting in
Thing is it’s already been taken by someone, project page is below.

Is there a way to grab this name off and use it on my project? I know I can just buy a custom domain but I’m like freakin’ poor and just want this glitch project up and running first. I know it’s not life-threatening but it’s been bugging me out for the last two months and wanna know if I can use Hello there as my glitch project name. Besides from what I can tell, the project occupying the name is pretty empty, if that changes anything.

I think your only option is to try contact the user who has this name and see if they would be willing to change the name or permanently delete the project that is using that name, would then make it available. Because the glitch naming convention is setup with (project-name) , all project name’s have to be unique.

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Hello @Oz-D unfortunately you can not have this name if it is already taken (you can try to arrange with the user like the said @tripy37 ), however you can link your project glitch to a domain I let you see that here