How can i use codeignator framework


i want to use codeignator framework as backend . How to implement in hyperdev environment?


Are you talking about this PHP framework ?

If so, HyperDev only works with Node.js for now, but it’s in their backlog to support more languages!


thanks, and yes i want to integrate codeignator as a framework to develop my web app. how can i use codeignator frame work file to customize as per my web app requirements. Help me in this regard and every bit of assistance is regarded.


If your framework is the one I sent (php), it is currently impossible to do with hyperdev. Hyperdev only works on the Node.js environment, so PHP will not work.

Is it more clear?


yes it clear to me as PHP codeignator framework not supported by hyperdev platform. So what i do next, should i go to learn Node.js or some thing else? Please suggest me?


Well, I see 2 options:

1- You learn Node.js and you can implement it on Hyperdev
2- You do it in PHP, but build it on platform other than Hyperdev

Your call!


Very nice, upon your suggestion i decided option 1. So for to learn Node.js suggest me study material, best editor and how much time is required to become expert in Node.js so that i can implement my ideas in using Node.js to develop my web app. Or any thing you consider that make my learning curve easy for Node.js.


We have a free Node.js course for beginners, which should help you get started: How long it’ll take depends on your current knowledge of JavaScript (we have a JavaScript course too -, other languages and what you intend to build.


thanks, i will go through and i’ll make question if i found any issue.