How can I view remixes of my Glitch

I want to see how many times my Glitch was remixed and find all remixes. I have a paid subscription. Thanks

Hi @Gafi! At the moment, we don’t surface that information to users, but I’m going to add this to our feedback/requests list (and swap the category on this post so it comes as a request).

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oh, that’s a shame. Is there any work around to find the remixes? I tried searching by some keyword in description but still can’t find remixes.

I appreciate if you can help with this as it’s critical for my use case and I might need to move to another platform if I can’t resolve it. Thanks

Can you explain your use case so I can see if there’s a workaround?

I’d like to get a count of remixes of my glitch and preferably their links. It doesn’t have to be accurate. If there’s a way to use search to find glitches with a certain keyword in description, it might work

Hi @jenn, is there any update on this? Do you have any plan to offer simple analytics of glitch views or remixes?

@jenn Any update on this please?

Hi @Gafi - no update on this, no, and it’s not in a plan that has a timeline, but the team is aware of the request and it will be considered as far as remix count goes. We don’t track views of app view and probably won’t start - that’s where you can put in your own analytics. Is it editor views that you are interested in, though?

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yes, I’m interested in editor views and remixes mainly