How did they upload mp3 files as a glitch file

how did someone get a mp3 file onto a file?

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Hi @Pencil! You just need to upload your file to Glitch’s assets and then wget the URL on the terminal like this:

$ wget <asset_url>

:warning: Be sure to remove the ?v= part on the url

it didn’t work as the numbers after the ?v= part and the varibles are undefined sadly

maybe i should remove the numbers after the v but i dont know what to do with the // as it makes it invisable

wget is an error and is unexpected :frowning:

all i have is

var music1 = $ wget
var music2 = $ wget
var music3 = $ wget
music1.onplay = function() {
music2.onplay = function() {
music3.onplay = function() {

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No! :rofl: Sorry I din’t explain myself well.
First, you need to open the terminal, and, for each audio file, type:

wget <audio_file_url>
(then, press enter)

After you’ve done this, type:


And the audio files will magically appear on your file browser!

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Oh Ill TRy

im probably the most useless person in the world but the terminal had an error when doing it

So I Figure it out and not figured it out at the same time

That’s strange… Can you give me the audio URL please?

Ok Here Is The Music

The Music
(also nice auth login its good for my game that im putting this music in)

Try going to the terminal and typing:


and then:


to see your files

Thanks Your a life saver

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You’re welcome, @Pencil!

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