How do I add a admin to my Glitch Project so my friend could also edit it?

I need help with this because it bothers me waiting for help since I have no way to get helped since theres no topics about it?

Hello there! Welcome to the glitch support forum.

What you are trying to achieve is actually quite simple.
Starts by clicking the “Share” button in the top left corner of your project’s editor, there should be a section “Invite Others to Edit”, with a link and a copy button next to it. Click this button to copy a link to your clipboard, and send this over to your friends to invite them to edit the project.

You shouldn’t post this link in a public place though, anyone with that link can, as I understand it, edit your project.

Alternatively, you can have them visit your project’s page and have them click the button “Request to join project” in the code viewer.

Hope this helps! Happy glitching!