How do I add file

I imported my codes earlier from github,
and my code has run for long that it has so many data stored in it, so I cant reimport from github
(as that will cause the loss of data)

in my codes there used to be such directory
now, I want to add a new font file to that same location.
The same location because the piece of code I use reads paths only.

so How do I add it over the same location i.e. assets\fonts\
as everytime I add some file it goes around to the glitch’s assets folder. and I cant even get a path to that

I provide some instructions on how to do this here: Upload script file -> reconnect

In your case, since you want to upload the file to assets\fonts, upon opening the console type cd assets/fonts to switch to the fonts directory before downloading the file with wget.

Hmm that worked well, thanks for that.
It was the exact solution I was looking for.

Thanks for the help