How do I add plugins to glitch?

I have made a project and would like to know how I can add plugins for this website.


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What do you mean by this :confused:

Like… how can I download a plugin from github and incorporate this into my html project

in advanced options in your project editor you can import from github

Thanks, however, this simply replaces all of my work…

make it a new project and add your work in that way. If the add on is in npm you can add it with a package.json

Simply use "Anything here" : "Githubusername/githubprojectname", in your project and it will easily add those plugin in the glitch.

If you are using a node.js/hello-express project you’ll be able to press logs and then enter the console. from that terminal you can simply write this command: git clone user/repo repo-dir where user is the username or group or company, repo is the repository name or project name. and repo-dir is the output folder. Works like a charm.