How do I check the remix logs of my Glitch project?

I want to check the remix logs of my site, Glitch :・゚✧. How can I do so? :thinking:


You can run the following to see where your project originated from in the logs tab:


// ["a0fcd798-9ddf-42e5-8205-17158d4bf5bb","c62efef6-1e75-45cf-b248-afeccdda9477"]
// returns ids

I know this isn’t a great answer, but this is the best way to find out at the moment.

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Will that actually show a list of ID’s in a React or Node app? Because I tried to do a quick and dirty version in a regular HTML file with a script and dotenv cdn and it tells me require and process.env are not defined. lol. It needs to be secured anyway…

EDIT: I tried it with import.meta.env.PROJECT_REMIX_CHAIN in a Vite/React project and no dice. Can kinda see why but I thought it might just work…oh well.

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Hi, in a Vite/React app if you try importing loadEnv in vite.config.js you should hopefully be able to get the remix chain, like this extending the code in the Glitch Hello React app:

import { defineConfig, loadEnv } from "vite";

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Thanks, I added the loadEnv and I still get process not defined, in the terminal, console, and within the app. Does it have to be connected with an API? Because I have a React Covid tracker, which I’m using an example, and that one has a few working APIs hooked up using Fetch and an .env file. The import.meta stuff is in an X-App-Token header, though. This is the project -

I’ve had a similar issue with Vite before. Maybe node-fetch would be better for this, within a Node app.

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So hopefully this is reproducible lol but I remixed your project, removed the PROJECT_REMIX_CHAIN var that you have declared in the .env, refreshed and it seemed to work - maybe having it explicitly declared was overwriting the default one…?

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That’s odd because I added that to the .env file later on. Maybe it just needed a refresh?

How did you console.log it? Did you do that in the terminal or in the browser?

EDIT: Maybe there just aren’t any remixes so it doesn’t create a log for me.

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Here it is: remix

It shows in the Glitch log like this:


Oh cool! It does work for me right in the config file like that. Thanks! I was trying to display the data on a page or by console.logging in the browser. Is that info somehow restricted to being shown in the Glitch logs?


NP! Yep so I think that’s down to how the site is built when it’s Vite/React, like it’s accessible to the build process so you’d need to explicitly pass it to the front-end…?


For Vite apps I know they want every .env to start with VITE_ so that might be why it’s not showing, outside of the logs. With a Node app it shouldn’t matter.

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I’m gonna play around with all this more later today. Thanks for all your help and insight!


so what is the easiest way to check my remix logs on (my glitch project)

my app is running on node

Hey, I tried adding some code to your app, let me know if you can see any remix logs after you login. The login didn’t work for me.

EDIT: your project is newly created so you may not have remixes yet. If I do a console.log in the server.js file, it doesn’t show anything but I don’t get an error either. More specifically: I’ve added the dotenv package, and some JS code to the head of your index.html file, plus a div for displaying. If you remix the project or apply it to another Node app, hopefully you will see logs.

Just to clarify, as @RiversideRocks mentioned, the remix chain is the chain of projects leading up to yours vs projects remixed from yours…

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That’s useful thanks! I got confused lol.

I got the chain showing in my Glitch logs on this Node app. See the server.js file. But on the front end, I get process not defined, not quite sure why.

would you be able to set it up on my app Glitch :・゚✧, or did you already do that?

I did - see your server.js file. I don’t see anything in your logs though. You have a lot of other code in there, probably why.

i think i tested it on another project, it gave me some unrelated links though. How do I restart my app?