How do I create a Bot for Fortnite PS4 System

My son would like me to help him create a Bot for fortnite PS4. I was told I can ask you guys for help with this topic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

This is very vague information. What would he like it to do? Would he want it to be able to be used on discord? Without any extra info we cannot help.

Hi there,
No he wants to be able to use it on his ps4. He doesn’t use discord. He plays Fortnite on the ps4 and wants to create the bot and be able to use it directly on the ps4. Let me know if you need more information.

Hi there @DianaC0605!
Welcome to the Glitch community - we are really glad that you want to help your son with this and have come for some help! Do you want the bot to play the game? If so, this wouldn’t be possible. If not, what will the bot do? If you could supply us with this extra info, that’d be great!

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I did a bit more research and it seems that such a thing is possible, but I couldn’t seem to find any documentation on it, this was really the only decent video I found on it.

Looking at the source code that was shown in this video it looks like it uses python and batchfile. I linked some docs for python and batchfile below, as it might help if you take a bit of a look at these:



Good tutorial:
(This site doesn’t have the greatest UI, but it shows all of the possible batchfile commands)

Good luck and have fun!


Are you sure that’s legit? What does the source code look like? Looks like it would be an easy way to install a virus on a computer! :joy:

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I haven’t looked into it in great detail, but I can download the source on a vm later and have a look.

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@DianaC0605 If the above video is legit, you can use Python on Glitch (just not 24/7).
Here’s a great answer:

So I would just download the source code as zip and stick it in a project and it should work :slight_smile:
I don’t think you need the batch files, I think they just run the bot and stuff, which Glitch does for you, so you can delete those. (e.g. Glitch adds all the packages anyway via the requirements file and runs the bot) - you can always run it on a computer, but I would think that using the Glitch container is safer as there is no risk to your computer
Please Note: we are not liable for any damages to your computer if you download the files - videos may look legit, but there may be something sketchy going on! Beware!
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Just be very careful when downloading code off of the internet, especially if you don’t 100% know what you are doing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi there,

Thank you so much for welcoming me. They don’t play the game. The bots are lobby bots that you can control them. Sorry for all the vague info. I have the get the information from my son.

Thank you so much everyone for your help. It is much appreciated

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Glad we could help :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

(Aww man that’s so sweet :heart: )

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