How do I create a custom 404 page?

Hello, I am trying to make a error 404 page without .htaccess and express and other packages. Is there any code?

I’m afraid this isn’t possible with a static project/not with a server

Sorry about that and Happy Glitching :slight_smile: :glitch:

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Glitch should make lamp-poc free to run 24/7 so we could add .htaccess…

and also run my forum/wordpress blog 24/7 :wink:

It needs a server. That would be the same as opening up Node projects. Just doesn’t make sense.


Apache server, for lamp-poc

Node server, for discord.js

they are not a perfect match at all!

Yet even though they are servers

that’d be a pretty good update :smiley:

If you want to run stuff 24/7 on Glitch, boost your apps. Money doesn’t grow on trees, even for most companies.


However, some plants grow money-shaped leaves…

I have one of these plants. When it blooms it looks really pretty :sparkling_heart:


Well, I bought a domain and a hosting site and I download the zip and transferred the website to the host site and the host website is also better because it supports .htaccess Files but the problem is that it doesn’t have node which I can’t place my discord bot code on it

As mentioned above you can’t do this with a static site at the moment (though that would be a cool feature).
However, if you have your project connected to a custom domain using Cloudflare you can use a free worker to make a 404 page for your site (as outlined here).

Instead of connecting the custom domain to the glitch project, I just downloaded the project and move the files to the hosting site and I also found a way to make website uptime 24/7 and that is a iframe, uptimerobot and the website I bought.

  1. Insert a iframe to a file in your website not on glitch.
  2. Go to Uptimerobot and place url to the file on uptimerobot.
  3. Place Glitch Project URL to iframe.