How do I fix this Weird Glitch?

This keeps happening whenever I try making a new project and I only have like 7

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Maybe some part of Glitch is down, as I’m also having weird errors.

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Could you please try this in an incognito window?

Thanks but also what types of errors do ya get?

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You probably shouldn’t mark my answer as the solution, because it isn’t really one.

The error I’m having is exporting to Github.

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Nope it did not work

It kinda is tho because that tells me that its not just me having problems with this and that I did not mess anything up

just got logged out :confused:

This is probably an issue with your internet connection.

@NubblyFry is your Glitch account new?


Glitch has buffed up its security. If you try to remix a glitch project with an account that is <3 days old, you will be denied.