How do I flush local DNS records on my Glitch Project?

Is there a command for the console that I can use to flush the local DNS records on my Glitch Project like ipconfig /flush on Windows?

TL;DR: I don’t think we can on Glitch containers, because we don’t have sudo permissions.

I think the standard Ubuntu command would be systemd-resolv --flush-caches but when I ran systemd-resolv --statistics in the console, I got this error:

sd_bus_open_system: No such file or directory

Odd! Interesting! A quick google search indicates that this can be resolved by symlinking things together differently, but some steps in there would require sudo privileges. Does anyone else know a different workaround?

Okay we still can’t change it but this answer is much more informative and (I suspect) closer to the truth of what’s going on here: