How do i get rid of the www. at the start of the custom domain

When I added the CNAME entry in my custom DNS in Cloudflare, I had to add a name, which was suggested to be www but I didn’t want to always have to put www at the start of the site to get in. Cloudflare said I could just put @ for the name as it represents the root but it didn’t work.

Please help.

Hi @EamonJaber and welcome!

This sounds like the right way to configure the “apex” domain in Cloudflare.

Check that in Glitch you have indeed added the custom domain to your project without the www.

See also this Cloudflare thread which may be helpful. In the fourth post there is a screenshot of how the config should look, does yours look similar?

Hope it helps!

Hi @SteGriff,

The www. Is in the domain in the project because when I put it in without www and I make the cname name @ for root, it doesn’t work.

Try to configure the records as follows (let’s say your domain ):
@ or - A - 3600 -
WWW - CNAME - 3600 -

In this case TTL = 3600