How do I get the CNAME for a custom domain?

I was registering a domain to use and I acidentally refreshed the page on my glitch project, and now I can’t get the CNAME that I need for my domain.

You need to go down to “Tools” and click “Custom Domains”
Once you’re there you enter your domain and you get the CNAME-URL

Yeah but, I accidentally refreshed the page, and I can’t get the CNAME now.

Hey there, try executing following command inside the Console: refresh once you’re done, You’ll probably see the CNAME file appear back. If not, please file a request to remove the domain and set it back.

Hey @wolfy01, the domain that the Custom Domain feature provides is just one option. You can use as a CNAME in its place.

If that doesn’t work let us know and tell us your project name and we can look up the domain for you.