How do I host a bot with python?


I do not know…

Please help!


Hey @Patorro50!

This really isn’t the place to ask that question. This is more of an issue and question-answer place for Glitch, not how to create Discord bots.

I would recommend checking out this tutorial on YouTube.

(if you didn’t mean a Discord bot let me know!)


I am asking how do I host a python based code 24/7 with gltich not how to make a bot.


No need to be rude, I misunderstood. I would use an equivalent Express to create an open port and UptimeRobot to ping the bot every 5 minutes.


Glitch is a friendly community, @Patorro50 please refrain from using offensive language. If you provide brief questions with no explanation then misunderstandings are likely to occur. But what Crazy suggested is the way to go - Express is a node package, so you’ll want to use an equivalent in Python, like Flask, to create an accessible end-point. And then hit that end-point with a service like Uptime Robot to prevent your bot from sleeping.


@patorro50 I can help you, add me on discord. Mikhalia#5398