How do i make a cooler URL?

Well i want my URL to be like

I already have the /filename without the .html at the end, but how do i add more files to my index.html?

I think having the page inside of a folder in the project, then having the project search for that would work!

i have the but how do i get multiple like
Like a folder inside a folder?

just do exactly that, have a folder, in a folder

Well when i try that it just brings me to a page where it shows me the files

Hey @sidneythekitty, welcome to the Glitch forum!

The right answer here really depends on how you’re putting your site together. Are you using the static site starter, for example? Or are you using one of the Express starters, which handle this a totally different way. Or something else entirely?

If you’re able and willing to share your project name, someone might be able to give you some specific advice for your situation.

Yes it’s a school project, or just travl

You’re using the Glitch default static site configuration. This means that any directory you create will automatically server the index.html file in that directory when you point your web browser at that path. This is how gets the page that it shows, and if you linked the Checkout button on that page to /AztecMexico/Checkout instead of to Checkout it would get the contents of that index.html file.

If you added files for ComingSoon/index.html and ComingSoon/Checkout/index.html those would be available at and, respectively.

Hope this helps. Happy Glitching!

I spent literally about an hour trying to figure this out since it was not working, seems i forgot about the AM.js file. Now it works beutifully!

Thanks cori! It helped alot.

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