How do I make a IRC server?

Hello people, I can’t make a IRC server in any way. I’ve
been trying to use different node modules but none of them work due to the port limitation and this aws load limiter error:

[23:14:10] [][HTTP/1.1] 400 Bad Request
[23:14:10] [][SERVER:] awselb/2.0
[23:14:10] [][DATE:] Sat, 14 Dec 2019 21:14:09 GMT
[23:14:10] [][CONTENT-TYPE:] text/html
[23:14:10] [][CONTENT-LENGTH:] 138
[23:14:10] [][CONNECTION:] close
[23:14:10] [][<HTML>] 
[23:14:10] [][<HEAD><TITLE>400] Bad Request</title></head>
[23:14:10] [][<BODY] bgcolor="white">
[23:14:10] [][<CENTER><H1>400] Bad Request</h1></center>
[23:14:10] [][</BODY>] 
[23:14:10] [][</HTML>] 

IRC server on glitch. It wouldn’t stay online forever. This is a type of project you should try to self host.

It would. What would be stopping it?

Also, I’ve tried doing this on Python, but the same issue with Awselb keeps occuring.

An IRC server on glitch won’t and can’t stay online forever, it would cause problems on other projects. But it would make a Proof Of Concept!