How do i make a project offline


how do i make a glitch project offline? actually, im making a discord.js bot. i wanna get my bot offline until i turn it back on. is there any way to do that? i don’t wanna delete or something. just wanna make it offline.


Just add a # before your TOKEN in your .env file , If you’re talking about using a command nah that’s not possible because glitch auto restart your bot after a ping.


As @ArunKapil01 points out, you can comment out any line or lines of code that connects your app to a server. For example, if you use express, comment out the line with app.get or app.serve in it.


If you’re using, Discord.js if you want to make the client hangup rather than waiting run client.destroy(), for Eris
use client.disconnect() ,if not use the methods @levistep32, and @ArunKapil01 provided.