How do I make forums on Glitch?

I dont know how to make forums please help!

Do you mean a forum like this? If so, you can’t. This forum engine requires too much resources


yea thx for helping

If you would like an alternate solution, I would recommend flarum. You can use their free service (hosted 3rd party.) Free Flarum.


thanks! this will help me a lot in coding!

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Or code your own forum. Doing so gives you tons of freedom and flexibility.


and you get to ban however you want :crazy_face:

I reccomend building one like how @RiversideRocks did:

You should recreate it in PHP but maybe polish it up

How will I make it so I can ban people and stuff, I cant really finder tutorials and also im not that experienced

use PHP to IP ban people, remove them from the database, or restrict that account from doing anything

I do also recommend the world’s best forum software, discourse ( to be self hosted or bought.

You could use myBB, as well. It would have to be boosted and on 24/7. You can set it up by remixing my app at this:

Banning/editing on a forum is really involves a lot of sql and logic. I recommend knowing your language of choice well, whether that be node/php/python, then learn about databases and sql.

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I just remebered some really nice looking flask based forum software callled FlaskBB it looks lightweight enough to work on glitch


plus it has no sudo like commands, so it should be a walk in the park to do

yeee, this will be close


it’s not done yet

hopefully it works :smiley:

edit: It should work but I never actually managed to get the ui up and running because I keep refreshing :sweat_smile:

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That is like every attempt to install some well-known software has ended like that. Mediawiki, wordpress, what next…probaly some forum software. I wonder if we can minify php

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I’m going to try again as I literally only hit the f3 chromeos key (refresh)

edit: turns out you gotta run virtualenv again :sweat_smile:

the expert has spoken
We should try to run minfied forums that don’t have too much memory load


Or use

It’s free, has a lot of options, awesome plugins and extensions, and you can ban people.

flarum sucks… I’m only using it temporarily to replace it with my discourse forum using oracle vms I guess