How do I move a file to a folder?

I am trying to move a whole bunch of files into a folder because that is the way I made my bot, with command handlers. I can’t seem to upload folders, it just won’t work, so I am trying to upload the files one by one, but I don’t know how to move them, can anyone help?

you need to add the folder structure to the name… so /parent/filename.php puts filename.php into the folder named “parent”. extrapolate up for a more complex folder structure, so greatgrandparent/grandparent/parent/filename.php etc. Sadly, it is VERY manual


It would be great if they had given the feature of drag and drop file on directories in the directory panel @cori


@shawntaylor Well that is sad that it is manual, I have 10+ files I need to move into a folder, hahaha

You could use the mv command on the terminal.
Then enter the following command: refresh

you could rename the file! for example if you had a server.js file all you have to do is to put it in the views folder is rename it to view/server.js. This isnt what you wanted but its the best way i know