How do I obtain the 'Regular' trust level

Hello Glitch!

I was wondering what I’d need to do in order to qualify for the ‘Regular’ trust level.

I have found Discourse’s thread on this but I’m not entirely sure if Glitch has the requirements set as outlined in the article linked.

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Those criteria are basically accurate. Unfortunately I don’t think Discourse allows you to see where you stand.

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Thanks for the information!

However, I’m unsure as where to find out the following information about me (underlined in green):

Also, could you please possibly clarify what the objective (marked with a question mark) means.

Thanks, xXProGamerXx

That’s what I’m saying; Discourse intentionally doesn’t provide a way for users to view their own Badge completion stats to avoid gaming the trust system.

For the first criteria, you must have visited the site on 50 of the last 100 days.


Ah, thanks for the clarification.