How do I put my discord bot files on glitch

how do I put my discord bot files on glitch, someone help please?

Welcome to Glitch Forums, @KineskaKroksica,

Create a new file on Glitch app

  • Click on ‘New File’ button on the side navigation bar.
  • Type the name of the file inside the input displayed.
  • Lastly, click on ‘Add This File’ and it will be added to the Glitch app.

Import a Github Repository to Glitch app:

  • Using GitHub:
    • Firstly you have to authorize your GitHub account (Grant access - Glitch)
    • Secondly, click on ‘Import from GitHub,’ an input box will pop-up and ask for few details. Input Box - Glitch
    • Thirdly, type in your username and the repository name in this format: username/repository and click on ‘OK’ button to proceed further.

Import a local directory to Glitch app