How do I remove a package?

I don’t know how to remove a package if it’s possible.
Please help me with that.

Hi @MajinBluee, welcome to Glitch!

I’m interested to know exactly what result you’re hoping for here, but generally speaking there’s no need to delete packages from your project as a whole. Recently-created projects use pnpm for package management, which stores packages in a shared location that doesn’t take up any space in your project, so there shouldn’t be any concern there.

If you’ve added the package to your project using your package.json file, simply removing that entry from your package.json's dependencies node will uninstall the package from your project. You can watch this happen if you open your Status pane (by clicking on the Status button under your project’s name in the left-hand panel) and editing your package.json file - you’ll see Glitch update the packages in use automatically.

Hope this helps, and happy Glitching!