How do I replace the CTA on the results page of my Heardle?

On the results page of my 80s Heardle, I have a blue colored CTA that links to an 80s music themed merch store.

This button was originally a “Support me on Ko-fi” button that was provided by and was a standard part of Heardles made in Glitch.

But now I want to change this button.
I don’t now how to code but I know enough to change the CTA text and the URL to which it points - that is easy enough.

The things I can’t figure out how to do is:
a. Change the color of this CTA to say, #5c2c6d and
b. Remove that cup image.

It feels like this should be easy but total noob here…

Thx for your help!


Hey there!

I couldn’t find a way to change the color of the button -its probably locked by kofi’s css- but I removed the cup for you. you can copy and paste updated version here → Glitch :・゚✧

forgot to mention that you can remove the background of the cta like this:

if you would like to get it, i can update the code for you!

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