How do I run Java on Glitch?

I whant to run java on this project

You’ll need to create a glitch.json file which tells your project to run a language other than Javascript.

You can view the demo java-spark project here.


Im kinda new to java, how do I start the project?
I also get Error: Could not find or load main class Main.

I found this, and I dont understand it tell :frowning:

Grab the latest .jar or build it yourself. Then, create a Discord Bot Application here and paste the bot token into token.txt . Then, ensure the two files are in the same directory and run the .jar file.

I belive you can run jar files by running jar file.jar

Its java -jar file.jar

If this does’t work, I’ll have to convert EVERYTHING into javascript, smh

Nope. Not working :frowning: time to convert

Wait, you can convert java to javascript???

I think he means rewriting the code into Javascript, which must be a pain for him :joy:
Good luck @TH3_UNKNOWN :slight_smile:


Integer.parseInt to parseInt
remove casting…
remove types…
yes it’s painful unless you have a java AST parser

I have run Java on Glitch before, I think I have a starter project I made for it. Want the link?

Nah, I just quit lol, never used java before

Java is a bit over complicated, don’t sweat it.