How do I take a .db file out of assets and put it under index.js

I have an XP.db file but it always goes in assets. I want to take it out of assets and put it in the main files (where my index.js is)

Hey cloud! Its me DANK TH3 UNKNOWN?#4221!

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Thank you! Any idea how to fix?

No, ill go ask the other members. @RiversideRocks @khalby786 might know :wink:

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Okay thanks! I will also try Google

I was told that using wget (asset link) will save a copy of it. However, that isn’t working for me

  1. Copy the URL of the asset from the assets folder.
  2. Open the terminal
  3. Type wget <the url here>
  4. Refresh and it should appear in the editor.

That’s what I did, nothing changed

It is also a .db file. Does that make a difference?

@internetuser it says that the file saved but it’s not showing in my project??

Have you refreshed the editor?

Multiple times, yes I have

OH, this is what you whanted. I did this for your png image!

Can you send the link? I can do it for you if you are having trobble!

Yep, but same for a .db file

Alright. you sent it in DMs

If you want the db files to show up, you will have to list it in the .gitignore.