How do I upload an image file?

Hi @techdude1610!
I understand you want to include an image in your HTML page. Can I see how you are trying to add this. You should use an <img> tag. You can checkout W3schools to see what this is and how to use. As the source, use the url you were given when you added the image as a asset to the project

Here’s a link:

it is an png file that i am trying to add… NOT in html. Just so it would upload normally and not like an html cause it is a png file.

ok. hopefully it works

I did it, but not working. this is what I did in the file.


in that file, then I went to the term and did refresh. still not working

Hi @techdude1610!
You are almost there!
If you read the W3schools article I sent you can learn more about this, but that should be:

<img src="">

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

How do you name the file when importing?

that’s wget -O newname.jpg 'https://...'

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