How do I upload files to my Glitch project?


I need to add a file to my Glitch project, but I’m not sure how to do so. WHat do I do?


Glitch handles file uploads a little differently than Thimble does. Some of the same mechanisms work on Glitch and Thimble, but with minor differences.

To get the file to Glitch, you can drag and drop a file onto the Glitch editor window and Glitch will upload it for you. You can also use the Upload button in the Add File window in the editor to upload a file. The main difference between Thimble and Glitch is what happens to the file after it’s been uploaded. Glitch determines where to store the file after it’s been uploaded; in the file list for text-based files (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files, for instance) and in the assets drawer (at the top of the file list) for audio-visual files and some other file types (PDFs, for instance).

Glitch’s file list also does not display in a file-tree-like fashion. Instead of folders being displayed in the tree like they are in Thimble, the folder a file is in is part of its file name, so views/index.html is the index.html file in the views folder.