How do I use assets to create skins in project

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I’ve been working on a game in glitch, specifically. I have my assets uploaded and ready to go. But I don’t know how to get it to show as a fully loaded image. I tried pasting the link in and typing in refresh in the console, but that seemed to turn it into an unloaded picture. Can you help me?

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You could try directly downloading the assets to your project as files via the terminal.


P.S. Since this is a slightly new and different question, it may be better to make a new thread if you ever want to ask another question, as it makes it easier for others to find and answer.


Note that if your cdn url has a question mark in it you should put it in quotes with wget.

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Thanks for the suggestion! But when I tried it, the image still didn’t load. I also tried including the quotes because it has a question mark. But it keeps showing a small icon that won’t load, but it still takes up the entire file. Is there a way you can help me by joining my project?
PS. I don’t know how to make a new thread… lol

This is the image it shows-