How do i use my own domain

I wanna use a domain i already have but i dont know how. Please help.

I feel like people dont thank you when you help. How will i ever be able to use a custom domain?

Hi @Hugofrost, and welcome to the Glitch forums!

I understand that you’re eager to start using a custom domain with the built in tools. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble receiving the thanks that you’ll need to unlock that feature. All I can suggest on that front is to be patient and to keep trying to help community members asking for help on the home page and to continue trying to offer helpful suggestions here in the forums. I think the friendly folks at are still looking for some help on their glitch project documenting DNS configurations.

Alternatively @charliea21 has put together a tutorial on how to use to add a custom domain to your Glitch project without using the Custom Domains feature, so you might try that as well.

I hope this helps! Happy Glitching!