How do they get this website dev forum template?

Like there’s sites that are the same but different names and stuff like Roblox dev forum and stuff because I own a website and I am trying to make a dev forum for it

The roblox devforum uses Discourse, which is a service. You can self host or pay for the better hosting


What other websites have dev forums?

If you would like to learn more about hosting discourse on your own machine, please see their github repo:

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All I got is the Twitter Developer Forums.

But you can see who uses Discourse on their site


Discourse is quite heavy on some specs just fyi. Forums that use discourse iirc
Roblox Dev Forums(as mentioned)
Mozilla Forums
Threejs forums
Discourse Meta
and much more


Cloudflare Community
Github Community,
Western Digital Support


Then you also have sitepoint

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What’s that?

Uh it’s a Discourse for discussing coding (whatnot, and such)

Sitepoint is an Ebook service that is targeted at programming

So quite similar to this forum in other words.