How do You Copy assets to project files?

I am Looking for a Command to allow me to copy my project assets to my Project files rather then it being in assets folder
(i am using something which requires a PATH can’t do URLs)
Can anyone help me?

Nevermind I found a solution!
step 1:
Go to your assets folder after uploading your assets and copy the Url Of the asset you wish to Copy to your project
Step 2:
Open up your Terminal and enter the command below
Remember to Replace the Placeholder Stuff with your file URL
and the file name and format so glitch knows what it is and stuff

wget ‘YOUR_URL_HERE!’ -O ‘Your_file_name.png’

Step 3: Now type this command:


So your project updates with the items you added via command
Volla you now Have your items in your project!
You can rename them to change the file path and format etc.

Hope anyone who come across this is helped by it!