How do you set up your custom domains if not in the Glitch editor?

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I’m doing some research on the ways y’all set up your custom domains on Glitch, so that we can make it a way better experience for everyone. I’m curious - if you have a custom domain pointing to a Glitch app and did not do it within our editor’s custom domain menu, how did you set it up?


try to get onto a host, that no one else is on, and log the project ip, and then… add that to the dns

Is this something you actually have tried? Because it’s incredibly difficult, if even at all possible, to get onto a host alone and stay there long enough for the domain pointing to not break - I don’t recommend doing this.

yes, i have done it before, and it it still works after my most recent rewrite !

That domain is registered to a link, which means you set it up within the editor’s custom domain feature, right?

yes, which i did via getting the project onto a host that no one else was on, log the ip, and boom, i also did this on vscode btw, so yes, somehow i figured out how to get the custom domain feature to work, via vscode…

dont remember the details that well

ok sure - well in this thread i’m looking for ways domains have been set up outside of the custom domain feature in the editor, so apps whose domains do not have a record on glitch.

hmmm… ok then, …

well a lot of people use my tutorial: [Tutorial] Get your Glitch project on a domain! which uses

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Yeah @jenn, it’s much more easier and more predictable than the inbuilt custom domains feature in Glitch.

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there is always setting your’s project file tree as being here as a online resource that that is cashed set up, the best part of this site to me is that i don’t need to have the server pointed at my computer/s like if you were trying a wampum m p tr o… sorry to meany version’s of that set up, to list them all off. we are sitting on top of the TCP/Ip layer after all the. design, declare yourself a DEV. and call the packet cash the client request, as the as the all powerful IETF declared.

I used @xXProGamerXx’s tutorial which he linked above and!

Are you talking about putting the files into the assets cdn?

Can you please rewrite your post, it sounds interesting but I didn’t understand it :slight_smile:

A Cloudflare worker proxying the glitch url.