How do you use freenom?

I have tried registering a domain from Freenom, but all of the domains are taken. I checked the WHOIS for the domains I wanted there are no owners. How can I get it to work?

It’s their bug, you can contact their support if you want, there’s nothing you can do


If you are having this problem when you are logged in, your account may have been blocked.

Please note that Freenom’s free domain is monitored from time to time and may be disabled in some cases:

I had this problem, I logged into my account and everything went back to normal

I don’t know how to make an account.

I think it is no longer possible to create accounts on freenom, if you want, contact me on discord: Dogs :heart: # 9415, I will take your domain and set it up for you

Good news: I just found out how. Ok listen up:
At the domain registering page, instead of typing out a term (ex. hello), type out a domain (

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