How does clone-from-repo work?

On the internet I found instructions that are supposed to explain a dummy how npm works.
Starting point is cloning a repo from github.!/remix/clone-from-repo?REPO_URL=

From a glitches point of view, what is supposed to happen if someone clicks on that link?

This is what I received:!/alert-fallacious-vise?

I am just having the impression that it is random walk how glitch responds to the above URL.
Do I need to connect glich with github somehow, before I hit the clone-from-repo URL?
Or should I login to glitch before importing something from github?

You can view all of the code for clone-from-repo here which should explain how it works:!/clone-from-repo

I do not think you need Glitch and Github linked to use it though. It can just use git clone to clone a public repository.
Let us know if you have any more questions!

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I think that Glitch uses Docker to do the usual magic at the background and using the mentioned project by @yogurtsyum. You can actually see the process at the project itself.

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