How does the editor communicate with the backend?


Can you tell me how the editor interacts with the backend?


Well, it’s kind of complicated :slight_smile: Can you be more specific? Is there something you’re trying to do?


My objective is to be able to edit code externally; meaning that I could have a application that acts as a glitch client, with a code editor that can work in real time.


Notify me when you get something working.


You can always use web-sockets to run shell commands such as echo to a file.


That part of the editor is the most complicated part, because of our support for collaborative editing. The problem is that you would have to write a lot of code to make it work. Writing it was a couple of months of work for us, and we all understood the rest of the system already.


Like I usually answer to most people, look through the source code in your browser and try to understand what is going on.


Tried that, though it would take hours for me to figure out. When I have the time I will do that.


You might find my tool useful when you do so — the demo link should help.


Thanks, I’ll make sure to star.