How? Excuse me?


Can you share your project url? It is really hard to help without knowing much about the code you’ve written or the modules you use.

For all we know this can be caused by a stack overflow or very huge modules.

As the bot is a official project, and not open source, people who are not Glitch Staff will not be able to view it.
But for the Glitch Staff, the project name is altricatia.
And it fixed by just simply running refresh in the console.

I don’t think that Glitch Staff have the authorization to view private projects without suspicion of broken terms or laws, maybe possibly also agreement. Also note that the Glitch Staff might not always have time to help on these regular cases, when a lot of people on this forum know how to possibly fix the issue.

If you simply won’t accept help from the public, you really shouldn’t expect people with higher authorization to help you either as you clearly just ignore the people who are trying to help. This is just my opinion, not something the Glitch Staff has said.

Anyway, also wanted to make a little correction as well. An official project is not a definition of whether the project is closed-source or open-source. You or your organization decides whether a project should be closed- or open source. A closed-source project can still be accounted for as an official project.

An official project is a project that you or your organization take full credibility for, something that you or your organization has created.

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The Glitch Staff do have access to view private projects. And I am not trying to ignore help, it’s just that since this project should not be open source, I prefer that only people with the right authorizations can view my code.
My main question was why the memory was able to go over it’s allocated amount, not why. I actually do know why, and I’ve already fixed that issue. Though, the question still remains “Why was it able to use more than 100% memory?”

Hi @zApexio

Thanks for the clarification. If you require staff help with a private project you can always send Glitch support a private message here:

Currently, our system is set up so you will receive a warning once you are approaching the limits. That way, you can review your code and make changes before your project is suspended.

If you project does become suspended, don’t worry! You just have to send us a message and we can help you out.

If you feel this should work differently, we would love to hear about it! Just post your thoughts in the Feedback category.