How many people know about the IC3?

I just learned about them last semester in my college intro class to computer science, and recently ran into someone who didn’t know where to go to report something online. I love and was wondering how many of you know about this? I feel like we should be teaching kids about this considering how many of us are online and yet when asked:

“What should you do if you catch fire?”

“What should you do if you if a stranger offers you candy?”
Say no then tell an adult!

“What do you do if you see something online that is illegal?”
Nobody could answer this one.

Also SPAM is illegal lol. I didnt know that that.

Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3

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spam is illegal?

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I would say more along the lines of heavily regulated. There are specific guidelines and practices to follow before you can send out mass emails, or promotions. Otherwise you end up like my old Yahoo Mail, full of sites and company’s ads and junk campaigns, this regulation CAN-SPAM makes sure they don’t “harass” or make unsubscribing from emails so hard to perform you literally cannot, or give up trying.

The best example is if you look at the bottom of every email listed under your promotions section or folder of the default GMAIL setup, at the bottom every single one will have an unsubscribe button. If the link does not work or does not remove you from the mailing list then it’s illegal and you would report it to the IC3.

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