How often does Glitch commit/push changes to git


How often does Glitch commit and push changes from the editor to the Glitch git repo? Sometimes it seems to do it almost instantly, other times it seems to take hours.

I understand that the Glitch terminal can be used to manually perform the necessary git commands, but since it usually auto-commits with fairly useless commit messages, it seems pointless to make some real commits amongst all the auto-commits. Call it OCD kicking in.

So, does Glitch auto-commit on some cadence? Is the auto-commit triggered by some event? Is there any way to cause it to auto-commit?



One event that triggers it is when you open the Rewind panel. Surely there are others, but that’s the only predictable one for me.

Thanks wh0.

I thought that was the case also, and for a while I would do that if I wanted to force an auto-commit. Unfortunately, even that seems unreliable. There have been a few instances where I tried that, and it still didn’t commit the changes for quite a while (possibly even more than an hour).

I think I have some Glitch docs that might help you with auto commits although i’m not sure i do have auto commits on the docs

Nope, auto commits aren’t covered but lucky you! I remember that auto commits occur on an interval usually 5 to 15 minutes apart. It can also be caused by Glitch backing up servers or the project took a nap.

If you want to contribute to the unofficial Glitch docs, here you go: GitHub - youngchief-btw/Glitch-Docs: Unofficial Glitch Documentation