How to access local IP with in glitch browser?

You can now view enveloppe in the browser.

Local: http://localhost:3000/

On Your Network:

This is the output in console, normally in my machine i would simply go GET that address. How to do that on glitch ?

Since the project isn’t being hosted on your machine, you cannot use a localhost url. However, you should be able to get the host IP address by logging your process environment. I am not sure if either of these ways work as Glitch is running slow for me. Perhaps you could have a try and let me know how it goes?

how can i do that ? i might need some help on that @cori

What is your app coded with? Also, Cori got promoted, so he won’t be on the forum anymore.

a create react app a friend of mine coded. As im on a replacement windows machine, i do not wish to install git and node in it and i thought using glitch would be a better idea


Any clue how to do that @mmcewen

Hi lucasverra,

Looks like it’s on the right port (3000), what happens when you click “show”?

I do know create-react-app might require some extra config on Glitch. See this article:

Cori works in infrastructure now, doing some exciting stuff on the servers!

hello there @mmcewen thanks for replying my friend tells me i should “just go to localhost url in my browser”, unfortunately i cannot see how to do that in glicth. The link you shared is not useful for me since there is not an expressJS code in this app :wink:

You can still access the app from the project URL as localhost is automatically forwarded to the project URL.

Thank you for replying, What about the listening the specified port in the “:3000” instructions ?

Port 3000 is automatically forwarded to port 80 & 443. So you can just access your project URL as if it was a normal site.

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