How to add a folder with images to the /app

I have like 800 images that need to be saved but that would take so much space so someone told me to upload them to /app/images but how could I do that?

Huh, interesting! I haven’t heard about the /images directory – would you be able to keep the images in assets (where they’re uploaded and stored to a CDN?)

Well i just need to save 800 images into a folder but that would fill my project so i should upload them into a folder direct after app so how would i do that? @househaunt

I don’t know of a way to upload the images into a directory under app without impacting space. I think that uploading to the assets area might help because it uploads your images to a CDN (and then gives you links to them so that you can still interact with them) so it doesn’t count towards the disk space limit.

Short of something like that, I don’t think there’s a built-in way to have that many images without hitting memory requirements. You could basically reproduce what they do with the CDN by paying for storage (say, an S3 bucket with AWS) and linking to your images there.

there are 2 storage things in glitch, one with 200mb and one with 500. itshould store the images on the 500mb one.

images are 202mb

Hm…I think the 200mb thing you’re referencing is disk space. Can you point me to what you’re referencing? If you can show me where you’re getting this information from I might have more context.

How could i store it on the memory?

Memory xMB / 512MB

Disk xMB / 194MB

Ah I see what you mean – as I understand it (and it would probably be best to have @Glitch_Support weigh in on this because I’m not an expert) disk space is for storing things that need to persist across multiple interactions with the app (so for example, images that you use, fonts, scripts, libraries, etc.) Memory is the space that the app needs so as to run (so for example, variables that are initialized by scripts will be stored temporarily in memory and then scrapped when they aren’t needed anymore.) I don’t think you can store anything persistent in the memory.

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Hmm i hope that someone know a way how to, else how could i do it? like upload images to something else and fetch it from that

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Glitch isn’t built to handle storage-heavy things like that, as I understand it, but you could host the images in an S3 bucket (or you could upload them to assets and then use the provided CDN link, which is basically the same thing?)