How to add author name to Ghost blog Zvikov theme


I’m new to Glitch and trying to understand where the code for my Ghost theme lives. I’m trying to add my author name to the Zvikov theme I’m using, so my name shows up in the blog footer.

URL: or

Actual footer: Copyright © 2019, . All Right Reserved.

Expected footer: Copyright © 2019, Brian Rose. All Rights Reserved.


I suggest taking a look at this as it might be useful.


Hi @bhrose welcome to the Glitch forum!

In that project, your themes directory is listed in the .gitignore file, which means that it isn’t shown in the project’s editor.

If you’re comfortable in the console you can get to your themes directory there and then use an editor like vim to edit the files you need to.

Otherwise, you need to remove the line that says themes from your project’s .gitignore file, and then use the console to run the refresh command, which will allow those files to show up in the editor’s file list for you to edit there.

Hope this helps. Happy Glitching!


Bingo, thanks @cori! I removed themes from .gitignore then edited themes/zvikov-master/partials/theme_footer.hbs to update the theme footer. In case anyone else is looking for this info, the variables the Zvikov theme is looking for for the attribution in the theme footer are @site.url and @site.title.


Mine was an even more basic mistake here, where I hadn’t noticed that themes was pre-populated in the .gitignore file. Doh.