How To Add Background Music and Add A mp3 file

How Do I Add A Mp3 file so i can add background music

Hello! I’d recommend reading up on the audio tag or use this code snippet somewhere in the body section of your site:

<audio src=“linktoyouraudiofile” autoplay loop=“true”></audio>
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Now how do i upload sound files to glitch so i have the file ready

(just to say that I do not recommend you to add a background audio)

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Just so you know @Justin_Rowe due to the autoplay policies of the internet you cannot play audio until some user input has been made.

It depends on the purpose. For regular websites, I’d wouldn’t recommend it, but for things like games it could be essential.

I was making background music for a game on glitch i just idk how to make background music files

I made a music for it