How to add custom domain

Hi Everyone

I want to add a custom domain
I have a question
When I want to put the domain, should it be with www or no
Like or


@HeemPlayz For a domain with CNAME you should use www but if you are not using CNAME you can use both methods.

@code-alt Thanks for responding, but you didn’t get what I want it
I meant here

Should I add www or not?

www there and you will get some CNAME record for the domain you bought.

Thanks, so after getting the link
I put in CNAME (freenom) the following:

Name: | URL:
www | (Sample: u2fgg625bjak)


Yep but I think it is or (don’t hit these links they will not work)

Oh yeah
Sorry, hurry mistake

It’s fine. You might want to change domains to .com because freenom does not have “https.” You don’t have to switch domains though.

I added the custom domain
But now everytime I want to get in, Freenom tells me that my network is slow and the website is used for ads


What is the domain may I ask? this is the domain
I don’t know, but you will see that the IP can’t be located

It says to me that the domain is not taken yet. from: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
Screenshot 2019-12-21 at 10.44.27 AM

Sometimes you need to use some other tool in freenom while getting the domain like in this picture:

It will automatically use CNAME at first then swap to an IFrame.

So how do I use and what to put?

When your at the checkout you will get the options

What should I put here?

That also works, and you should put your url in the URL forwarding.

Keep the Forward mode to Frame (cloaking with IFrame)

Ok, so I put it and saved the changes, Tried but won’t work

Excuse me If I’m bothering you with this.